We Identify & Originate Addons for Private Equity Backed Platform Companies

Who We Serve

We serve as a buyside M&A intermediary and provide acquisition search services to middle market private equity backed portfolio companies with between $10 Million and $500 Million in annual revenue that are either seeking to complete one game changing acquisition, or a multitude of smaller deals as part of a roll-up.

What We Do

We will conduct market research and identify, profile, and establish contact with the decision makers of high fit acquisition targets from our own list. We will develop all necessary marketing materials to execute the search, court and develop all interested sellers, and introduce high fit, actionable deals fitting your specific criteria.

Industry Focus Areas

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Distribution

  3. Services

  4. Consumer

  5. Healthcare

  6. Logistics


1. Strategy & Criteria

We begin by doing a kick-off call to review and refine our client’s acquisition strategy, ideal acquisition criteria, and transaction objectives.

2. Target Identification

We conduct extensive industry and market research to identify high fit acquisition targets using multiple search methods and data sources. 

3. Blacklisting 

Our clients will provide us with a blacklist of companies to exclude from our search which they have a preexisting relationship or conflict with.

4. Document Creation 

We will help co-develop all pertinent marketing documents to support the acquisition search and outbound sourcing process. 

5. Deal Sourcing 

We identify the decision makers at each target company, and communicate with them directly by mail, email, and phone with tenacious follow up.

6. Deal Screening

We collect information on each target's business, operations, financial performance, transaction interests, expectations, and timeline. 

7. Executive Summary

We compile the information we receive from business owners into a concise executive summary outlining the deal for efficient review.

8. Introduction

Following our client’s review of the executive summary, we will coordinate calendars and set up an introductory conference call with all parties.

9. Transaction Pursuit

Following our introduction of the seller during the conference call, our client’s take over and may pursue a transaction however they see fit.

"We want to get in where we fit in and are willing to customize the level of service delivery to meet our clients unique needs.


Commitment / Retainer Fees

Each engagement consists of a monthly retainer to assure our client’s commitment, and it is based upon the scale and scope of the project.

Success Fees 

Once our client completes a transaction, we earn a finder’s fee at the time of closing which is structured as a percentage of the deal size.


Any necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the engagement will be reimbursable by the client, but all expenses are pre-approved.