We Specialize In Helping Business Owners Identify & Close Strategic Acquisitions

Who We Serve

We serve as a buyside M&A advisor and provide acquisition search services to middle market corporate strategic buyers with over $10 Million in annual revenue. Our services are best suited to clients who either seek to complete one game changing acquisition, or several smaller deals. 

Additionally, we represent private equity groups seeking new platform or strategic add-on acquisitions (see Private Equity Services). 

What We Do

We will conduct market research and identify, profile, and contact the decision makers from a list of the highest fit acquisition candidates which we develop on your behalf that fit your specified acquisition criteria. We will develop all necessary materials in connection with executing the search, court all interested sellers, handle negotiations, help structure offers, facilitate due diligence, and quarterback the closing process alongside your legal and financial advisors.

Industry Focus Areas

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Distribution
  3. Services 
  4. Software
  5. Education
  6. Healthcare 
  7. Logistics
  8. Staffing
  9. Creative
  10. Construction 


Buyside Process Chevrons.JPG

1. Clarify Strategy

We begin by meeting with our client to review and refine their acquisition strategy, ideal acquisition profile, and transaction objectives.

2. Identify Universe

We conduct extensive industry and market research to identify acquisition targets using multiple search methods and data resources. 

3. Client Selection 

Our client will typically review the initial list of targets and may eliminate certain ones from pursuit, or assign a higher priority to others. 

4. Document Creation 

We will develop all pertinent marketing and informational documents to support the acquisition search process. 

5. Deal Sourcing 

We identify the decision makers at each company, and communicate with them by mail, email, and by calling them up directly. 

6. Information Gathering

We collect information on a target's business operations, financial performance, and transaction interests and timeline. 

7. Making An Offer

We assist our client in making an offer to the target by helping to develop a Letter of Intent (LOI) that lays out pricing, terms, and structure. 

8. Negotiation

We work alongside our client and negotiate on their behalf, however, our client makes all decisions on if and how a deal is negotiated. 

9. Due Diligence & Closing

We work with our client's legal and financial advisory teams who conduct due diligence and finalize documentation to keep the deal on track.  

"We want to get in where we fit in and are willing to customize the level of service delivery to meet our clients unique needs.


Retainer Fees

Each engagement consists of a monthly retainer which is based upon the scope and scale of the specific search. 

Success Fees 

Most of our compensation is earned when the deal closes and our client has successfully completed the acquisition they were hoping for. 


Any necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the engagement will be reimbursable by the client so long as they were pre-approved.