Platform Acquisition Search 

We can generate truly proprietary deal flow for private equity groups seeking to acquire new platforms with certain characteristics. 

Add-On Acquisition Search

We can identify strategic acquisition targets that may not be on the radar of your operating management and bring them to the table. 

Industry Consolidations

We can serve as an outsourced corporate development partner and work with you to roll up an industry and stay top-of-mind in the market. 

Buyside Acquisition Search Firm For Private Equity Groups

Retained Search Services 

We will work on your behalf to identify and introduce proprietary acquisition opportunities fitting your precise acquisition criteria.  

Deal Flow Partner 

We will engage under a blanket finder's fee agreement and show you "cast off" opportunities that were declined by our retained search clients.

Finders Fee 

We will keep your acquisition criteria and industry preferences in mind and introduce deals on an opportunistic basis for a finder's fee.