We Specialize In Helping Business Owners Sell Their Small & Medium Sized Companies

Who We Serve

We work on behalf of sellers of privately owned U.S based niche manufacturing, services, and value-added distribution companies seeking to complete a change of control transaction through a sale to a strategic buyer or private equity group. Our ideal sell-side client will have revenues between $5,000,000 and $100,000,000. 

What We Do

We will estimate the most likely selling price for our client's business, build a list of buyers, create a marketing plan, develop all necessary materials to confidentially sell the business, contact and qualify each buyer, court the best buyers, handle competitive negotiations, help evaluate offers, facilitate due diligence, and quarterback the closing process.

Industry Focus Areas

  1. Manufacturing 
  2. Distribution 
  3. Services 
  4. Software
  5. Healthcare 
  6. Logistics 
  7. Staffing 
  8. Technology


1. Request for Information

We begin by providing our client with a highly detailed request for information regarding the company's operational and financial history. 

2. Pre-Sale Assessment 

Following our review of the business we will provide an assessment of  the company's position as it relates to value drivers and transferability. 

3. Valuation 

We believe value is in the eye of the beholder and so instead of providing an arbitrary valuation we actually go talk to active buyers and collect data. 

4. Document Creation 

We develop all pertinent marketing and informational  documents on the business such as the Confidential Information Memorandum. 

5. List Development  

We will identify all of the strategic buyers who may have synergistic interest and financial buyers such as private equity groups and family offices. 

6. Confidentiality & Screening

We will make sure that every buyer signs a confidentiality agreement and is both serious and financially capable of completing a transaction.

7. Demonstration  

We present our client's company to potential buyers, showcase its strengths and value proposition, and answer all buyer questions. 

8. Negotiation 

We lead all negotiations on behalf of our client, however, our client is consulted at each step of the process and is left to make all decisions. 

9. Due Diligence & Closing

We work with our client's legal and financial advisory teams during the due diligence and closing process to keep the deal on track. 


Retainer Fees 

Each engagement consists of a monthly retainer which is set up as a "draw" that credits in full and reduces the success fee paid at closing. 

Success Fees  

Most of our compensation is earned when the deal closes and our client has successfully achieved the transaction they were hoping for. 


Any necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the engagement will be reimbursable by the client so long as they were pre-approved.