Caster Concepts Acquires Larcaster

BUYER: Caster Concepts, Inc ( – Albion, Michigan
Caster Concepts is nationally known as one of the leading middle market manufacturers of branded heavy duty industrial casters and wheels for the automotive, aerospace, food service, and material handling end markets. 

SELLER: Owl Welding d.b.a. Larcaster ( – Selkirk, Manitoba Canada 
Larcaster was the original pioneer that designed and manufactured the very first polyurethane block supported torsion and stabilization casters used worldwide by the largest and most respected manufacturers of fork lifts today. 

ROLE: The BowPoint team in St. Louis, MO served as the exclusive buy-side investment banker in the transaction, conducted the acquisition search, introduced the seller, and served as the M&A advisor to Caster Concepts.  

PRESS RELEASES: Yahoo Finance | Market Wired | Modern Materials Handling